Why Not Cut Yourself Some Slack Today?

Hi Friend!

I’m getting tired of all people constantly telling me all the best ways of doing this and that.

Follow these steps and you’ll reach this!

Just do this for thirty days and you’ll become that!

It is always “look far ahead, aim for the mountain tops!”

It is never “look down at your feet, toss your shoes and appreciate the soft, chilly embrace of the grass.”

I am not saying the people telling me what to do are wrong, it’s probably the truth for them.

I’m just saying, “hey! Is it OK to enjoy the ride?”

I’ve realized that goals are not for me. Setting a goal means I’m not satisfied now. It means I need to go somewhere where I ain’t now. It means that I want something that I don’t have now.

Goals are always pushing me forward, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and stressed out.

Like a waiter snatching the plate before I’m finished to make room for the next one, and leaving me like “but I really enjoyed that one, can’t I finish it first?” And the waiter is like “no, you need to save yourself for the next one. And then there’s another one.” And I am like “but I really liked just being present and appreciate what I had in front of me.” And the waiter is like “nooo, this restaurant is all about eating as many dishes as possible. You only win if you eat more than all the others!” And I’m like “this is a stupid restaurant…

Do you know why I think everyone is telling you that this or that is THE thing you want and this or that is THE things you need to do to reach that thing?

Because someone told them, that it is the way to talk to people. To gain clicks. And followers. And in the end, sell those followers stuff.

You know why? Because just before being told how to talk to people, they were told by someone that their goals should be to gain followers and clicks and to earn money.

Here’s a truth (if you choose to believe it).

All of those people, every single one, is just as unsure about everything as you are.

Everything that has ever been written down, spoken out originates in a person. They are words, equal any other word, but they sometimes become the law and a cage for some people.

Goals do that to you. They keep telling you “you don’t have what you want yet, you need to keep going! It’ll feel great afterward!”.

Getting out of prison sure feels great afterward too.

You know what doesn’t feel great afterward? Dying. When you are dead (and I hope it is a long way there for you my friend!) you don’t feel great, you don’t feel anything. So why should you place so much energy into achievements if you can’t bring them with you?

I don’t want my purpose to be reaching my goals. I want my purpose to exist now, today and every day.

And I finally know what my purpose is. To help everyone living in enclosures built by others to get out of there.

To put their feet back on the grass.

And to tell them that no one, not even me, can tell them what their purpose and truth should be.

Let your feet enjoy the grass every day. When you are underneath it, there’s only dirt.


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