What Rain Can Teach You About Creativity

The other day, I ran into the most beautiful story, about the Indian spiritual teacher Anthony de Mello, who passed away 1987.

On an old audio recording, you’ll hear “Tony” de Mello explain to – presumably – one of his students that he had given up trying to help. He used to try to help but it never worked very well, he said.

Instead, he showed up and rained.

The rain rains.

It doesn’t reflect on where it will land, it just rains when it needs to rain.

If it lands on fertile soil, things will grow.

If it lands on dry soil, it makes the soil fertile for seeds to start growing in the future.

And if the rain falls on a rock, well then it falls on a rock.

It doesn’t care whether or not you like the rain. It will rain anyways. Because raining is what it does.

There will always be resistance

If you are a creator, you can be damn sure that you will run into resistance every time you create.

It will be there as sure as the wet blanket of a hangover after a good night of partying when you’re in your 30s.

A voice in your head telling you “is this really THAT good?” Trying to get you to stop, because if people don’t like it, it will make you feel like crap.

Your mind will do everything it can to prevent you from doing anything out of your comfort zone. Anything that could hurt you. Do what’s safe. It kept you alive before.

Here are a few facts:

you know what you know, nothing more. You have the skills that you have, no others.

You can’t do anything you don’t know how to do, right?

So, if creating is what you do, there are only two options

One: Don’t do anything because it might go wrong.
Two: Do what you want to do, and hope for the best.

If you want to create right now, today, you have to create your thing and show it to the world.

Create Today Quote - Cardboard Creators

And just like some people like the rain and some people don’t, some people will like what you show and some people won’t.

And there’s no way for you to change that, so why worry about it?

Create what you have to create, share what your heart tells you to share, say what you have to say.

If it lands on someone that is ready for it, thoughts will grow.

It lands on someone who isn’t ready for it, maybe it will start something invisible inside them. Something that will become a thought in the future.

If it lands on a rock, well, then it lands on a rock.

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