Artists, creatives and storytellers; welcome home!

Are you creating for yourself?

I know how you feel. Like you are completely stuck in your creativity. That everything your make is just pure sh*t. Maybe you’ve lost track on why you started to create in the first place? Or perhaps you waste your days checking back on your social media accounts to count the new likes?

Then you and me are probably very alike. You are stuck creating for everyone else than yourself. 

Let’s fix that!

What’s Cardboard Creatives?

Cardboard = focusing on the result and the story, rather than expensive tools and materials.

Creatives = Everyone that creates any kind of art telling a story. 

I wanted to launch Cardboard Creators so that people like you and me – artists, storytellers & creatives – could have a place online to relax and evolve. To grow as artists and to find a way to create what we WANT to create. 

For people like you and me that doesn’t want to be driven by the urge to gain as many followers or earn as much money as possible, but to make a difference to the world. And it doesn’t have to be a HUGE difference. Just putting a smile on someone’s face or a light-bulb above their head is enough.

For people like you and me, that want to wake up every day and rush to the desk, studio or rooftop to start creating more amazing art. Even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

This is me, Jens!

Who’s Jens?

I’ve been somewhat of an artist for almost one and a half decade. I started out as a photographer (all the different genres) and then started to write a bit. But bit by bit I lost myself. I started to focus on the wrong things. I wasn’t happy. 

This is my way to help others become better artists. By sharing my story and learnings – together with the lessons of other creatives. ​​

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